foreveralone photoblog 2012


Is love really enough?

called me a bitch in front of everyone
gipakaulawan ko escano lots of times and shouted at me in front of all the people
giluwaan ko sa face and told me bagay ra na nako and bragged about it to his friends
cried in front of me kay gimingaw sa manghud sa iyang ex, and ex (implied, di pa kami but still counts)
fucked my bestfriend (kay nag away daw mi) and tried to fuck me that night, too
kissed and made out with krystal (kay “nagbulag” mi for a few days) and lied about it taman gibitik nako
fucked krystal (same reason)
kissed cheska and lied to my face (same reason)
texted dyan and lied about it pero nasakpan siya kai wala nadelete sa iyang log
told me kate was “lami”
tells me how beautiful her dreamgirl, bea, is
told me nagmaoy siya tungod mularga na si bea
asked for my advice kai nireply si bea sa iyang chat and told me gikilig kaayo siya
nanguyab nako because napugsan siya because i was gonna leave him
he likes pictures of other girls and usahay ra kaayo sa ako and only because he’s in the picture
does not even care enough to read my posts and be updated with my life
karon na naa ko sa states isa pa nuan siya ganahan mulaag maayo and dili gani makig video chat nako usahay ra kaayo
lugos na gani maka chat bisan wa na nuan class because iyang gi dedicate iyang time sa iyang friends
iyang gidala sa johanna sa cangmating and ajong
gave olive cadbury and calls her crush or dreamgirl
gave mary a rabbit
gave preslaine toblerone
fucked preslaine twice kay abi ni stop na mi og fubu (ni stop mi like june or july ni fuck sila july and nagbalik ish mi sa august)
naghilak ko sa ka pao2 iya rako gikataw an
everytime makig away ko di gani siya mu effort to stay up para ma fix ang problem ingnun pajud ko “ayaw na sige oa2”
mu sorry and tells me di na mausob and yet mausob japon
kissed nika
wala gani ko gi properly introduce sa iyang family
gave krizza the turtle he gave me
gihungitan si sam in front nako and told me dili ra daw si sam iyang gihungitan
told me na naibog kaayo siya ni sam para palaguton ko kai nag away mi
told me magkuyog sila ni krystal og dyan para palaguton ko kai nikuyog ko sa cheerdance
stayed near cheska pagpangatulog sa outing cheerdance instead of staying with me

how can he tell me he loves me? <\3 you don’t do these to the people you love. di jud ko malimot ani tanan kay nasakitan kaayo ko. bisag usa ra ako maremember ani mahurt kaayo ko.

Permalink My love, everybody&#8217;s waiting to see us fall, but we won&#8217;t go down without a fight! :)
Permalink If our love is tragedy why are you my remedy? &lt;3
Permalink Happy birthday, Jay. :) You know how much I love you :*


I’m a sad person. I am so messed up that most people don’t want to be around me. Even my own family wants to disown me. They will never understand how I’m feeling and what I’m going through. No one ever will. It’s a good thing I’ve learned the most important lessons in order to survive in this cruel world: to never count on anyone and never let anyone in. 

Permalink What if I never get over you? &lt;/3 I love you, Jay.